The Dark Shave Asheville, North Carolina

Formed in 2008, The Dark Shave has been playing gigs around the Asheville area while gathering a rather unique fan-base. They've created a hit internet TV show aptly named "The Shave Show", won awards for their work in the 48 Hour Film Festival, and obliged the masses by creating a song of the week every month or two. ... more

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Track Name: Coming Attractions
Coming this Halloween
A film so ghoulishly horrifying
You'll beg to have your brains devoured out
Right out of your skull
Just to escape the terror

In a post-apocalyptic world
Where society's rules no longer apply
Small bands of sexy survivors struggle to stay alive
Zombie dates, power struggles,
Industrial barrels and buckets of gore
All await them as they fight to survive

Time is standing still, we're sick of them
(run stagger run away, run stagger run away)
Sign of our decay is evident
(run stagger run away, run stagger run away)
Dreams all seem to stagnate
(run stagger run away, run stagger run away)
Helpless as our hope deteriorates
Track Name: Zombie Love
Zombie love is so sweet and pure
(love munch, munch)
Lovers embrace in their passions for gore
(love munch, munch)
Every day, I see the time going on
And I wonder, are the best times gone?
But you and me girl, were made to be lovers
Holding hands while devouring others
It's you girl, that I love
Track Name: My Flesh is Crawling
My flesh is crawling
My eyes are red
My heart stopped beating, for I am dead
My feet still walk upon the ground
I yearn to hear that sweetened sound

Of tendons crunching in my teeth
Brains of mortals that we eat
Eyeballs gouged out with a spoon
Vein spun in an ancient loom
Track Name: I Refuse to be a Zombie
I refuse to be a zombie
I'm a human, and I'll never let that go
I'll fight these soul-less bastards til the end now
That's all I know

I refuse to be a zombie
I'm a dreamer, and you'll never take my soul
I will not be some mindless, flesh consumer
That's all I know
Track Name: It's Only a Matter of Time
It's only a matter of time before I become one like them
The me that lives inside will soon be as good as dead
No, never want to be
To be a zombie, not me

Not me, I don't know

Well I've been having trouble fighting off the urges to eat brains
The dogs are barking at me and I am going insane
I'm having trouble fighting off the urges to eat brains
Track Name: Evilution

You came into our house
Bestowed upon us
The pain of evilution
Now, we take your