Razor Burn (Preview)

by The Dark Shave

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This eagerly anticipated release from The Dark Shave is already being hailed as "an instant classic," by critics and fans alike. But the question remains, when will RAZOR BURN be released to the public? Well boys and girls, the answer is....soon-ish.

You see, the album has already been recorded and mixed. As you know, the next step in releasing an album is mastering, which is followed by packaging. The problem is that those last two cost money that we don't have right now. And since we are not going to ask YOU for the money via some lame Kickstarter campaign, you're just going to have to wait.

But fear not citizen, because we are releasing this 5 song preview of the album for FREE. It should ease your cravings for new Shave tunes, but be warned: the only cure for Shave fever is to hear RAZOR BURN in its entirety. So stay tuned......


released March 3, 2015

All songs written and performed by The Dark Shave
Recorded at Collapseable Studios in Asheville, NC
Produced by Jeff Knorr and The Dark Shave
(c)(p) 2015 Electric Manhole Productions


all rights reserved



The Dark Shave Asheville, North Carolina

Formed in 2008, The Dark Shave has been playing gigs around the Asheville area while gathering a rather unique fan-base. They've created a hit internet TV show aptly named "The Shave Show", won awards for their work in the 48 Hour Film Festival, and obliged the masses by creating a song of the week every month or two. ... more

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Track Name: Soapbox
Well it’s been pecking at me slowly
Feels like things are getting dull
The drag of our republic has been drilled into my skull
Passing laws that limit freedom, silence those who teach
Separating thinkers, control that can’t be beat
Send us to the poor house, use our bread to finance wars
It’s the same old sorry story, we’ve heard it all before

Well, yes I am outspoken, some may say that it’s a crime
What I have been smokin’ could result in prison time
That don’t bother me much, no worries on my mind
I’ve been working with vibrations, manipulating time
A man must have an outlet to make it in this world
Give me some coffee, strings, and canvas
And a pretty Irish girl

Well it’s been gnawing at my eyeballs, crawling under skin
This twisted situation that we find our country in
Sign away your life to get a dollar from the whores
They dangle it in front of you, then close all of the doors
Don’t knock me down from the mountain
I’m harmonizing with the birds indeed
So let the growers keep on growing
Stop cutting down my trees

Well I ain’t saying much now that’s never been said
I gotta get it off my chest, ‘cause it’s been rotting in my head
When paranoid delusions become reality
A man ain’t got no options in the land of the brave and free
Don’t knock me down from the mountain
I’m disconnecting from society
Elevated isolation is where I want to be
Lord, won’t you save this hell-bound nation
And set it’s people free
Track Name: Blue Lighter
Standing in a circle of friends
Yes, I have a flame to lend
If you’re passing to the right

Would you check your pocket please?
“All I’m finding is my keys”
You’ve been downright impolite

Your deceit has burned a hole
Vengeance now, I hear the call
It was you who scorched my life

Boiling over, I’m a raging machine
Donny recreating every part of the scene
I suspect you have what’s mine

Give me back my blue lighter
It wasn’t yours, but you kept it anyway
I’ll be coming back for you some day
Give me back my blue lighter
I’ve endured about all that I can take
Hanging out with you was such a big mistake

While you laugh at the stunt that you pulled
I plot revenge, I am not so easily fooled
You can never have what it is that you seek
I have the will of a man you can never defeat
This will be the last time you terrorize me
I’ll see you hanged or detained indefinitely
My enemies know I fight fire with flames
Relinquish your assault and I will do the same
Track Name: Hotel 69
You’ve got to fly down the highway with dangerous speed
Never stop for pedestrians, avoid the police
The smoke in the windshield is obscuring your view
Keep the wheels pointed forward, eventually you’ll
See the sign for Hotel ‘69

We got the birds and the bees and the cannabis trees
We got pretty little ladies, all free of disease
We got hot tubs, cold drinks, platters of meat
Every day is ladies night, it’s all you can eat
You will come for the comforts, remain for the state of mind
Feelin’ fine at Hotel ‘69

Living at Hotel ’69
“I’m checking in”
Living at Hotel ’69
“Let the fun begin”
Living at Hotel ’69
“What a year”
Loving that hotel...
“Hold on man, I gotta get out of here”

I checked in a Friday, I didn’t sober up for the first week and a half
“Sir please, I’d like to remind you, you did have a lot of laughs”
No no no man, I’ve had it, I’m getting out of here today
“Sir, please hear me out, I’m sure I’ll convince you to stay”

We’ve got sports fields, weight rooms, big swimming pools
The ladies in bikinis that’ll make a man drool
Free room service with munchies galore
All the best drug dealers come straight to your door

You will come for the comforts, remain for the state of mind
You can bask in the sunlight, away from the daily grind
You can wait ‘til you’re sober, but everyone cuts the line
You will shine at Hotel ‘69
Track Name: Indefinitely
Citizens, unite with me
Our eyes have been opened, we finally see
The crimes of modern aristocracy
The rules are unlawful, their evils: discreet
We’re taking this movement to all streets
For a real democracy
And we’ll remain here indefinitely

Where’s my phone call?
“No one can hear you outside these walls”
I bring no terror to anyone at all
The sun never rises, the guards never sleep
I had my opinions, but now I’m too weak
From the chains they keep on me
While I remain here indefinitely

I never harmed you, I just tried to stand for my rights
I was mistaken, I thought I was free
To protest peacefully
Track Name: Grandma's Car
Party at Ernie’s house, end of the year
I broke the bong, whisky’s gone
But we still have lots of beer
Pretty little college girls got nothing to lose
They’re drinking wine, wasting time
Just giving me the blues

I need something better than a college degree
If you desire couch on fire, push it underneath a tree
I looked into the future, but it’s all in the past
All that you learned will be burned
All your knowledge turned to ash

I’m here now, and I’m gonna try my luck
So don’t be scared, just remember that
Yankees Suck!

This generation really puzzles me
Drown my demons
This will be the fame I seek
Dreams all wasted
No one here would dare stop me
Such bad behavior, I cannot abide
Hold on little grandma
There’s something going on outside
Grandma's Car, Grandma's Car, Grandma's Car, GRANDMA'S CAR

We’re tipping over Grandma’s car Grandma’s Car!

Big night for little thinking
We’re gonna make you be a part of this
Don’t say we’re not evolving
We’re gonna haunt your dreams

I’m here now, but I might have gone too far
Oh well, oh well, we’ll always have GRANDMA’S CAR!

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